Equity warns Universal Credit cut ‘favours’ posh creatives over working class talent

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‘Woke’ on class

NADINE Dorries, appointed in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent cabinet reshuffle, proved something of a controversial choice for the post: she’s seen in some quarters as an ‘anti-woke culture warrior’.

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Too posh to benefit

DORRIES may be an unlikely champion of diversity and opportunity, but she can certainly find ammunition to use against institutions like the BBC. However, the national broadcaster is hardly alone in being a supposed ‘bastion’ of class privilege.

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Working class gets little credit

UNIVERSAL Credit has had a chequered and controversial history. Created as much for those in work as for those who are unemployed, it long predates Brexit, having gone live in 2013.

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Is there no equity?

WITH that, we return to Equity.

  • 53% said they would experience financial hardship if the uplift was removed
  • 41% would not be able to meet housing and other essential costs
  • 33% would be prevented from seeking work in the industry
  • 32% would be likely to go into debt or increase their debt
  • 35% would not be able to pay their bills
  • 51% of Equity members who receive Universal Credit or other welfare have been forced to look for work outside the industry by a work coach
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Mark Cantrell

Mark Cantrell

A UK writer and journalist, Mark Cantrell is also the author of two novels: Citizen Zero and Silas Morlock. Read more of his work at tykewriter.wordpress.com